Query, attributes API status update

As of r163 all the syntax features proposed in previous post should be in more or less working order. There is still a bit of work left to be done before this can move to trunk and get released as SuRF 0.99 or something:

  • Currently when loading resources with full=True argument, SuRF is loading resources one-by-one, using N+1 SPARQL queries. This is the simplest and most inefficient approach, should also implement resource loading with subqueries and SPARQL DESCRIBE.
  • Currently only one key can be specified for sort order. Should support more, SPARQL supports that just fine.
  • I’m using SuRF’s sparql_writer plugin for tests. Should make sure that the other plugins — Allegro, rdflib and sesame2 — still work aswell.
  • More unit tests, more general poking around and testing.
  • Remove now-obsolete internals, documentation