SuRF 1.0.0 Beta released!

SuRF 1.0.0 Beta is out! Release announcement.

I’m quite content with how everything worked out. When building a semantic application it can be desirable to work at higher abstraction level than provided by rdflib (graph, statements, URIRefs, Literals), so there’s SuRF (classes, resources, attributes). Most of the changes in this release have been motivated by real-world needs like “this client code looks messy, so how can we fix the interface” or “this access pattern generates way too many SPARQL queries, how do we optimize it”. And it has gotten better, my client code now looks nicer and works faster. Surely, there’s still lots of room for improvement. Probably the most important thing we’re missing now is comprehensive, good-quality documentation. Getting there!

So check out the existing documentation, play with the examples, and let us know what you think!