Physics, construction: Phun, World of Goo

Yay for games where you get to build stuff! Lego Mindstorms, Transport Tycoon, The Incredible Machine are all my favorites.

Here are two games I’ve been recently playing with, both are 2D and physics-oriented.

The first one is Phun.


It’s not really a game, it doesn’t have story or objectives. It’s more like a sandbox with lots of cool toys, build what you like! A racing car, a motorboat, domino effect, it’s all easy and fun!
This game is free and available for Windows, Linux, MacOS.

The other one is World of Goo:

World of Goo

It’s puzzle solving game, usually the task is to build wobbly structures out of goo balls to get from one point to the other. Awesome gameplay, sweet graphics, jokes and cheerful atmosphere.
This game costs $20 and is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS.

What are your construction / physics favorites?


One thought on “Physics, construction: Phun, World of Goo

  1. The `Bridge Building Game` is one of my favorites. There, you have to build a bridge taking in mind the laws of Physics – the Gravity and other forces. Then, you can test your bridge by sending a train over it and see whether it collapses or not. Very enlightening!

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