On forgetting stuff

Few days ago I was hacking on PHP4 code I had written about 5 years ago. Looking at it now, the code is not terrible, although I’d do some things differently now. Two things occured to me:

  • I haven’t used PHP since then and it’s a bit depressing to see how the things you know fade with time. All those “little things”, built-in functions, argument orders, I have to look them up in manual now.
  • Coding in Python has spoilt me. For example, having used ElementTree and BeautifulSoup and the likes, I’m not happy at all to use SAX-style XML parser that comes with PHP4. Thankfully there is half-done backport of simplexml to PHP4

Anyway, glancing through Tex The Program I realized there’s even less of Pascal, the language I once knew quite well, left in my head. What was the exact syntax for pointers, had “var” arguments be placed after all others in function definition or not, things like that.

Forgetting stuff is all well and good, but there’s always this little panic when you realize you’ve forgotten something you once knew and didn’t even notice as it slipped away.

On a bit different topic, lossy memory works very well with movies. I’m now in process of watching movies I know I once enjoyed but barely remember now, and I enjoy them again!


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