Notes on building RESTful API

Our web application / service will need API, REST is all the rage these days, let’s build a RESTful API! So where do we start? Here are some pointers I found useful.

Book “RESTful Web Services

Chapters “Resource-Oriented Architecture” and “REST and ROA Best Practices” were pretty useful, right what I was looking for. Although it amazes me how people manage to write a whole book about a singe relatively narrow topic. I mostly skimmed through the rest of the book in Safari Books Online.


StackOverflow is becoming the universal answer to most software development problems and questions. If you cannot decide about the right way of doing something, look in StackOverflow, your question has likely been asked already several times. If not, formulate it properly and you’ll get some advice in minutes.

StackOverflow is also useful as a “background check” to make sure you don’t miss something essential. In case of RESTful interfaces, I started with a simple generic search “RESTful API“. As the work on API progressed, I moved on to more specific areas, like, what’s the best way to do authentication and authorization, thus a search “securing RESTful API” and here we go again.

The Sun Cloud API

I found the Sun Cloud API to be very well thought out, took many ideas from it. Its documentation is also nice and clean, and it’s under CC-BY licence and so parts and overall structure of the documentation can be reused!