Adding blog as connected site in Google Buzz

Google Buzz automatically detects many of the sites associated with user’s Google profile using Social Graph API. Creating association manually is also possible–to do this, user has to include XFN link in <head> element of the external site that points to the Google profile. More details here.

Now, as we know, owners of blogs hosted on cannot access or edit underlying templates, so cannot add the XFN link. Luckily, there’s workaround: supports Google Webmaster Tools verification. And, when you verify your blog with Webmaster Tools, it becomes associated with your Google profile!

So, step one: log into Webmaster Tools, add a new site, copy the verification key:

Step two: go to your dashboard, tools, and paste the verification key there:

Step three, four, five: Complete the verification in Webmaster tools, wait a bit, and your blog should then show up as suggestion in “connected sites” in Buzz!

This trick worked for me–let me know whether it works for you too!


39 thoughts on “Adding blog as connected site in Google Buzz

  1. Actually, you can do this on a site. The reason is that Google is looking for the rel=”me”, not just a “link” in the header.

    To do it:

    1. Go make a new Link in the Links section of your dashboard.
    2. Set the web address to be your Google Profile address.
    3. Set the Link relationship to be “another web address of mine”.
    4. Save.
    5. Make sure that you have the Bookmarks widget showing on your blog.
    6. If you didn’t already, add your own site to one of the sites in your Google Profile.

    Done and done. Just wait for Google to crawl it again and when it does, you’ll see that your site will show up as a “Connected Site” possibility in your Buzz content.

  2. There is an even easier way. You can add any blog you like directly to your Google Profile page. Once it is on that, it will be populated into the list of sites to connect to Buzz.

    1. Humm, I had my blog added to the profile links but it didn’t show up in the connected sites list. Only after I did the Webmaster Tools verification thing it did.

  3. Hi, I got my sites verified in google, but nothing showing up yet. There are no new sites to connect to in buzz either.

  4. my blog was not connected.
    after clicking on recrawl button in sgapi..
    it showing No links found

    what can i do

  5. Yay. As previously stated, apparently there there are several methods. None of which were apparent *until* I found your post so THANK YOU. 🙂

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