Prototyping with Android

Last few days I’ve been doing Android mockups! The UI/UX development process I’m aiming for:

  • Get an UI idea
  • Sketch it on paper
  • Sketch it in prototyping tool
  • User-test
  • Implement
  • User-test
  • Repeat

Google search turns up a healthy bunch of Android UI prototyping tools, PSD kits, icon sets and such. This blog post here summarizes some of them. I settled with Pencil and Android-specific stencil bundles from android-ui-utils.

I have Pencil maximized in one monitor, and Nautilus window with icons, stock drawables, my own pictures etc. open in the other, and it’s super-convenient to drag them across and drop them right into the mockup. Throwing a screen together in Pencil takes me about 1/2 hour now. I might get better with time, but this is still huge improvement compared to spending a day or two to actually implement UI idea just to validate it.

In other news: eager to try the shiny new Android 3.0 SDK!

In other other news: read some articles about Redis, then some of its documentation, want to build something with it ASAP!


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