Into the Jungle Live Wallpaper

It’s almost a year since I did Lens Blur wallpaper. It was fun project, and people seemed to like it, but it had few problems with memory leaks and it didn’t work on newer Android versions.

Year later, I looked at the code again, and somehow got into the mood to do some work on it. I cleaned up the code, fixed the memory leaks, made some performance improvements (although this work is not over yet! It’s never over!), and threw in sweet graphics done by my brother Kārlis. Release early, release often, so welcome everyone: Into the Jungle!

Hope you like it. Here’s link to Android Market. Hope you like it.


3 thoughts on “Into the Jungle Live Wallpaper

  1. I just started with android development, and now I would try to do some live wallpapers… I would like so much to know how a wallpaper like this is made… There is any good guide/tutorial? Or a well-maded documentation?
    I can’t figure out the best way to put inside moving images and similar things…

  2. Hi Daniel,
    soory don’t have pointers to tutorials or books handy. I started with SDK samples: build, understand how it works, and start changing small bits.

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