May 3 – May 4

  • Want motorcycle licence
  • Do online trial exams many times to beat exam questions into head (exam UI looks like this)
  • Mobile broadband is slow, want stuff to work offline
  • Do a bunch of exams with Chrome Developer Tools on side
  • Write a python script that does exams and harvests data (in action looks like this)
  • Convert harvested data in one long HTML page, that’s useful but not fun (looks like this)
  • Get an idea to make an Android app
  • Picture illustrations take 50 megabytes
  • Try PNG, GIF, JPG with some downsizing, palette reduction etc.
  • Picture illustrations take 10-20 megabytes anyway
  • Try WebP, pictures fit in 3 megabytes
  • Sleep
  • Package all questions, answers and illustrations in one sqlite file
  • On Android cannot use sqlite file from /res/raw
  • Copy sqlite file to SD card on first startup, use it from there
  • Android cannot decode WebP out-of-the-box
  • Learn about Android NDK
  • Learn about JNI
  • Write JNI wrapper code, compile libwebp with NDK
  • Pictures come from sqlite BLOBs, decodes with native code, show up correctly on screen, very happy
  • Make launcher icon in Android Asset Studio
  • Publish on market
  • Blog about it

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