Update for Monday, 16 May 2011

Some bits from past days:

  • Fragments are cool, and with compatibility package they work even on Android 1.6
  • LruCache is cool too. I’m keeping it application-global, and storing Drawables for thumbnail pictures there. Some thumbnails are used in multiple activities, now they appear noticeably snappier
  • Refactoring bits in Eclipse are cool, juggling code at breakneck LOC/s speeds
  • Google IO 2011 Android-related talks: tons of interesting stuff there. Also, they work OK as something to fall asleep to
  • For showing a single “Star” button, ToggleButton is quite a bit easier to use than RatingBar
  • ListView's scrollingCache messes up things if you animate list items and scroll at the same time, so disable it then
  • Life’s good