Measuring power consumption and doing motion tracking

Out of curiosity I bought a cheap Kill-A-Watt type device to see how much power each of our appliances draw. Some quick numbers:

  • Phone charger
    • plugged in wall, but not in use: 0.2W
    • charging: 6.5W
  • Logitech Z2300 speakers, 200W RMS specs say
    • turned off: 4W (gotcha!)
    • turned on and silent: 12W
    • playing music in normal listening volume: 20W
    • playing music pretty loud: 50-90W, fluctuates a lot
  • Desktop PC (Phenom II at 4GHz, XFX Radeon 6850 stock speed, SSD and HDD, 450W PSU)
    • Idle: 130W
    • Running poclbm (Bitcoin miner, uses GPU): 220W
    • Counter Strike 1.6: 150W
    • DiRT 3: 220W
    • Prime95 (CPU stress test) + FurMark (GPU stress test): 293W

So I thought it would be cool to measure a dozen more devices and appliances at different operating modes and make a video clip showing the measurements. I’d wander through rooms in fluid steadicam style and there’d be a number floating on top each device showing its power consumption.

Like many other things, I’ll probably never get around to create such video, but the floating numbers bit urged my interest, how one would do that? Seems the magic words are motion tracking. Possible with free tools too, Voodoo does motion tracking, Blender does rendering the letters. It took a couple hours to find my ways through these two. Some rough results already in: