Plan for DIY GPS datalogger

… so, GPS logging with Android device? Scrap that!

  • Two EM-411 or similar GPS chips. $28 each.
  • Arduino Mega 2560–because of its 4 hardware serial ports. From my limited understanding, handling 2-3 serial data streams with software serial library would be too much for poor little Arduino, so need hardware serial. £22.75
  • SD board for dumping data. £5.50
  • Dump raw NMEA sentences from both chips to SD card. Filter, average and postprocess on PC.
  • Mount in car. Contemplating GPS placement (diagonal? left/right? front/back?) Feed the thing from cheapo 12V to USB adapter.

Inspired by “electrocute your dog for lulz and profit” project of ours which is already in progress:

  • EM-411 GPS chip.
  • Arduino Nano. Use NewSoftwareSerial to interface with GPS.
  • Circuit for building up electric charge and discharging.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • All goes into dog’s collar. When dog leaves designated home zone, there’s first audible beeps, then zap!
  • Field tests on humans and animals
  • Profit!