LockingHorizontalScrollView update

First, good news everyone, Google has released ViewPager widget. Check it out!

I’ve done some small tweaks to my LockingHorizontalScrollView as well:

  • Fixed the bug where short and slow scroll wouldn’t register as fling
  • Added getPosition() and setPosition(int position) calls that let you get/set “screen” currently visible
  • Added setInsensitiveEdges(boolean value) method. After calling setInsensitiveEdges(true) the touch events close to left and right sides of widget won’t be considered when detecting scrolls and flings. This works around the problem when user has hand wrapped around phone and touches sides of touchscreen by accident, and the widget jumps!
  • Updated example application and .apk file.
  • New demo video!

Code lives here in bitbucket.


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