GoPro & bike

Here’s the plan for kick-ass sports videos:

  • GoPro 3 Silver, chest mount, a bike
  • Shoot 1080p with ProTune
  • Video editing on Linux is lost cause, Windows all the way–
  • Join .mp4s into a single .mkv using Avidemux, no quality loss here!
  • Stabilize with VirtualDub / Deshaker
  • Bring into Vegas, chop into interesting bits and the rest, then remove the rest
  • Add music track
  • Move interesting bits around and tweak boundaries to semi-match beats
  • Brightness, levels, color correction, sharpness
  • Remove most of the wind noise with EQ
  • Bring volume up wherever I say anything, so there’s chance of hearing it
  • Render and youtube

Here’s my first attempt

I’ll be trying out other mounting options. Even after stabilization there’s plenty of jerkiness. There’s huge DIY hacking potential in how one mounts a GoPro.

I probably overdid colors a bit. And, come spring, there will be more interesting places to ride. Exciting times ahead!

Q: Why GoPro and not, say, Sony Action Cam?
A: Bitrate and flat color profile (ProTune). Sony’s in-camera stabilization is Very Nice, though.

Q: ProTune?
A: Shaky cycling videos need tons of bitrate. Also, sky is not blown out and can be fixed later

Q: Deshaker?
A: It’s slow as cow, but it’s good.

Q: Why stabilize all the footage and not just the fragments I’ll need?
A: Simplifies workflow, instead of fiddling with each separate clip I start with a single stabilized file